About Sushi

I’m Sushi, a writer and geek of many trades. Born and raised in northwest Georgia, I escaped to Atlanta for college and never looked back.

I also founded and currently run Wikiwrimo, the unofficial but still awesome wiki for National Novel Writing Month.

The name Sushi comes from my real name and a couple of middle school friends many years ago. They have no idea what kind of monster they created.

Topics of interest vary widely but include writing, National Novel Writing Month, math, science, tea, open source software, online communities, Linux, programming, data portability, music, education, and whatever’s on my mind at the moment.

Interviews with Sushi
Sometimes people ask me things, and I answer them. Here’s where you can read those things:

* NaNo Spotlight: Sushi Must Write at the Kelworth Files, October 2013

* Don’t Call It NaNoWreeMo: Interview with Sushi Must Write at Sexy Grammar, October 2014

* Books Make a Difference interview, November 2014

If you’d like to talk to me and have your interview added to this list, contact me.

The first 100 Dr. Nbooks

Here’s a picture of all my paper journals as of August 2014. Turns out I can fill up a lot of notebooks.

3 thoughts on “About Sushi

  1. Just “found” your blog two minutes ago and am loving every piece of it. Congrats!

    I found you through Script frenzy (which I actually only discovered today…shame shame shame) and am now a bit scared…from what I gather you’ve won 5 times????

    Anywho, I’m off to do some more reading here.

    P.S: Shame about the zobie part LOL

  2. Haha, I didn’t even notice the zombie part until the last sentence :) that’s disappointing.

    Just kidding. By the way, I love how your name is Sushi — Yum!

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