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I’m Sushi, a writer and geek of many trades. Born and raised in northwest Georgia, I escaped to Atlanta for college and never looked back. Currently I do community management and other fun things at Trovebox, a photo management site built on open source software.

I also founded and currently run Wikiwrimo, the unofficial but still awesome wiki for National Novel Writing Month.

The name Sushi comes from my real name and a couple of middle school friends many years ago. They have no idea what kind of monster they created.

Topics of interest vary widely but include writing, National Novel Writing Month, math, science, tea, open source software, online communities, Linux, programming, data portability, music, education, and whatever’s on my mind at the moment.

Here are the last two versions of this page.

Personal background
After reading Harriet the Spy in fifth grade, Sushi (then known as Sujin) decided to become a writer just like Harriet. She kept a noteboook for awhile, abandoned it, then picked it up again in September 1998 and has been writing since.

My journals, September 2011
Here’s a picture of those journals as of September 2011. Turns out she can fill up a lot of notebooks.

At some point in middle school our intrepid heroine and a couple of her middle school friends decided they needed nicknames, and the nickname Sushi was born. Those friends still haven’t realized how big a monster they created. Sushi turned out to be a convenient nickname to use online, as her parents were concerned about people on the Internet finding her. All this was perfectly fine; people started calling Sushi that offline, she used the name Sushi online, but this was the late 90s and early 2000s. Those worlds didn’t mix then.

Meanwhile Sushi started writing novels and abandoning them after about three chapters. In 2001 Sushi discovered Diaryland and started keeping a diary there. It’s still online but no longer updated. While reading strangers’ blogs one night she read about someone participating in this crazy thing called National Novel Writing Month. Write a book in a month? Crazy! But if she couldn’t write a book she couldn’t call herself a writer… right? So she signed up under a name she had been using for awhile, sushimustwrite.

And this is where the fun starts…

–This is the old About Page. I’ll decide what to do with it later.–

I am interested in many things. I also enjoy writing about them.

Unfortunately, being interested in everything appears to be a problem now. People earn advanced degrees by studying one subject in depth for years at a time and stay in one industry for their entire working lives, even if they despise the job. There’s nothing wrong with being an expert in a subject if you love it–in fact, I too hope to be there one day.

Now is not that time for me.

Now is the time to explore and make being well-rounded cool again.

You probably won’t be interested in every single post I make. This is true of most blogs. However, if you stick around, something will tickle your fancy. I write about a wide variety of things. If you need some evidence of my wide interests, I come from a math and French literature background yet am a writer and somewhat of a social media explorer.  I’m also a zombie. Sorry, just kidding about that part.

3 thoughts on “About Sushi

  1. Just “found” your blog two minutes ago and am loving every piece of it. Congrats!

    I found you through Script frenzy (which I actually only discovered today…shame shame shame) and am now a bit scared…from what I gather you’ve won 5 times????

    Anywho, I’m off to do some more reading here.

    P.S: Shame about the zobie part LOL

  2. Haha, I didn’t even notice the zombie part until the last sentence :) that’s disappointing.

    Just kidding. By the way, I love how your name is Sushi — Yum!

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