Desk inventory

There are lots of ways to read someone: their eyes, their character, their fashion sense. For a writer, one way to examine their personality is by examining their writing space. A clean writing space shows that they won’t let anything get in the way of their writing. A messier one? Well, they’re open to distractions.

Without further ado, here’s my current desk inventory.

* computer (including monitor, speakers, and actual computer)
* box of thumbtacks
* roll of blue tape
* notice of address change
* copy of The Kite Runner
* one of those little containers with sliding drawers
* a box with a pen in it
* a highlighter shaped like a flower
* an empty plastic bag
* three packs of cards and envelopes
* scissors
* five small notebooks
* two bags of batteries
* scattered index cards
* markers
* a box of index cards
* a little box containing slips of paper
* a knitted rectangle
* three pairs of knitting needles
* two rulers
* pencil case
* collapsible filer
* container with stuff in it
* folders
* marker board
* lamp shaped like the Eiffel Tower
* three receipts
* a grocery list
* a Kroger savings card
* two bottles of medication
* two rolls of tape
* a plaque that says “I’m never too busy to complain about how busy I am”
* a bottle of fountain ink
* two fountain pens
* two regular pens
* a coaster that says MUG RUG
* a Script Frenzy tumbler (is that what they’re called?)
* a copy of my résumé
* my keys
* a watch
* silly putty
* a ponytail holder
* my college class ring
* a hairbrush
* my phone
* the thing that hooks my iPod to the computer
* four unused butterknives
* a really hard puzzle
* a little decorative thing from the 2008 Olympics
* hand sanitizer
* a staple remover

So what can you deduce from my desk space? Yes, I like France, I do Script Frenzy (and yes, NaNoWriMo), I write often, I wear a ring regularly, and I’m looking for a job. You can come to your own conclusions on the rest. However, I never am too busy to complain about how busy I am.

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