When the Internet meets family

I told myself I wouldn’t write about my actual life too much in here, but an incident from today merited an entry. For those who don’t already know, I’m coming down with what I hope is just a cold: sore throat, slight fever (99.1F at last check), an occasional sneeze, generally not feeling my best. Naturally, I mentioned this on my LiveJournal and Twitter accounts, thinking nothing of it.

Then my mother called me this afternoon. “Are you sick?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I managed to croak. I asked her how she knew. My brother had told her. How did he know? He follows me on T-tw-twitter. Hearing her stumble over the word Twitter was worth the entire conversation, which did end in practical advice for sickness–after, of course, I convinced her that I’m not dying.

I wasn’t surprised. When the only information you’re given is not through face-to-face communication, or even through phone communication, you’re left with a lot of guesswork. Sick? That could mean a cold or pneumonia. Feeling blah? That could mean the occasional blues or the blues that are more than blues. Of course, my brother could have deduced that with a 99.1 temperature and a sore throat, I wasn’t that sick, but some things have to be a family affair–yes, even the Internet.

By the way, despite the sneezing, I’m not feeling worse. I’ve been drinking hot lemonade and tea like nobody’s business, though. Maybe some rest will be what it takes.

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