NaNoWriMo is two weeks away, and I am still plotless.

We’re creeping up on two weeks until National Novel Writing Month, and as usual, I am currently plotless. So far suggested ideas and points for my novel include:

* unicorns and handcuffs (courtesy of this LiveJournal thread)
* a trebuchet, courtesy of the Trebuchet club on the NaNoWriMo forums
* Mr. Ian Woon, a character whose name is an anagram of NaNoWriMo
* bananas in Iceland, courtesy of syaffolee

I could also write a young adult novel for the possibility of entering the young adult novel pitch competition. However, as Lime of Caffeinated Creativity pointed out, it wouldn’t be NaNo if I did have a fully developed idea this early. She’s right, by the way. I’m the type to wing it and still finish.

Besides, if I still don’t have an idea come the first, there’s always the idea to write a novel entirely based on dares from the forums. Or about Mr. Ian Woon, a unicorn trainer in Iceland who builds a trebuchet to fling bananas. He uses handcuffs to keep them in line.

One reply on “NaNoWriMo is two weeks away, and I am still plotless.”

Maybe take a look at what you like to read, I find that I’m filled with ideas when remembering books I love to devoure, of course you allways have to be careful not to actually copy them or anything equally dreadful, hehe.

Otherwise another idea would be to write about something that interest you, maybe something about… a balloon boy, just to pick something random from previous posts I’ve yet to read.

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