My own SWAT team

It occurred to me yesterday that Sushi Writes About Things spells SWAT. Therefore I need my own SWAT team. What would I use my own SWAT team against? There are so many options, but here are the first three I thought of.

* Eradicating bad grammar. If you ever need a sample of bad grammar, just go to Craigslist for five minutes. Your writing will look stellar in comparison.

* Serious Internet business. Imagine how many trolls could get smacked around like they were nothing if we got an Internet SWAT team around them.

* Guarding the cage of an inner editor. Any inner editor who tries to escape would be immediately shot. Surviving inner editors will be shot again.

Any other good ones?

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Hilarious.. not sure what u mean by inner editor? Someone who likes to criticize/improve writing more than they do create? Do people who would like most to write, but find they are more suited to editing also count? Those can be the most insidious.

If I’m correct she is referring the editor within all of us. The one who tells you to pause and go back to fix a comma. The inner editor who makes you afraid to try new things, because it won’t be perfect the first time around and thus you have failed.

I didn’t bother with cages on my inner editors. I simply strung them up for all would be inner editors to see before entering my mind.

Yup, you have it right. I have to cage mine; otherwise she goes all over the place trying to fix everything in sight.

Yes. I need a SWAT team. Unfortunately I only have one of those letters in my name, the T. The shooting of inner editors is a good idea.

I walk my inner editor on a leash, let him do his business on the pages, then i snap my fingers and put him in his pen, then start writing. That’s my starting process each time anyway, gives me a feel for what I’m doing and puts me in the spirit of the work. Nice articles anyway, I’ve laughed outloud a couple of times, Craigslist be damned!

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