NaNoWriMo Week One in Review

The first week of NaNo is drawing to a close. Let’s look at where we are so far.

My word count: 45,358 words
My region’s total word count: 4,063,713
NaNoWriMo total word count: 513,143,491
My forum post count: 2580

I have written over 1% of my region’s words. In theory, I can add up the number of posts for all the forums and see what percentage of posts I’ve made. In October, I was hovering just under 1.5%, though that has probably decreased significantly since then, as I’ve been working on my novel instead of posting on the forums. The 1% seems like the magical amount.

Awesome line of the week: “We’re not rejecting your gift of knowledge,” she said. “You’re just boring our pants off.”

Tomorrow there may or may not be an excerpt.

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