Writing at a turtle's pace

Writing is hard. As much as I love it, and as seemingly sane as writing keeps me, it’s hard some days. Writing wasn’t hard today because of the content I was writing. I actually had some idea of where I was going with the story, or as much of an idea as someone without an outline can have.

The problem was the candy in front of me. Write a few words, grab a piece of candy. Write a few more words, grab some candy. Next thing I knew, I had only written 300 words and had eaten more candy than I’m willing to admit. It didn’t help much that I bought two bags of candy this weekend because they were 75% off. Mmm, Mounds and Heath bars.

An hour later I had written a thousand words. This is not my normal pace of writing, and it’s especially problematic because I have to be awake again in eight hours–and alert at that. I was already falling asleep at my desk at four in the afternoon. What’s a writer to do but fix some hot chocolate and bring it back to the writing station?

Okay, this didn’t help either, but it was yummy, and it was a good distraction from my writing. Another three hours passed, and I wrote only two thousand words. I slowed down even more, but at least I hit my personal quota for the day. Despite having written at what feels like my slowest pace since my first few years of NaNoWriMo, hitting quota is a good thing, right?

Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

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