What not to do

When you meet an author like Joshilyn Jackson who happens to be doing NaNoWriMo, admitting you are over 50,000 words on the 11th when she is nowhere near that is either a good conversation starter or a good conversation ender. Take your pick.

However, she’s a joy to talk to and fun to write with. It was interesting to talk to someone who thinks the opposite of me in terms of writing and revising. I love the drafting and despise the revising, while she’s the opposite, and hearing that perspective from someone who has the published books as evidence that revising isn’t the evil process that my head has made it out to be was a really good thing. Maybe I’ll reach a point where I’ll love revising and drafting, but let’s hope I never despise drafting. For me that would take the fun out of writing.

(And if you’re wondering, she asked for my word count.)

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