We're not afraid of the Internet, I swear

I’m constantly amazed at what my alma mater assumes about the students’ (and alumnae’s) knowledge of technology. I now have an alumnae email account from my alma mater, and I read through the documentation, hoping to find something useful out of it. Woe, there was nothing of use that I couldn’t figure out myself by playing with it for ten minutes: how to create and send an email, how to change my password, how to create a signature. Granted, how to forward an email was a reasonable thing to put on there. However, for those wishing to fetch email using POP3 access had to do some playing around on their own, as the mail server wasn’t obvious, and only my experience with the college’s email system and some common sense (well, common sense to someone who enjoys playing with this sort of thing) told me what it was.

Lesson: Not all liberal arts college graduates are technophobes.

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