The November 24th Fundraiser at NaNoWriMo and Other Shenanigans

If you haven’t already read the latest Breaking News, you may not know about the NaNo fundraiser on the 24th. NaNo’s trying to raise $100,000 on the 24th from 12:01am to 11:59pm Pacific Time (-8 GMT). If that goal is achieved, Chris will write a song, and Lindsey will perform an interpretive dance.

Chris singing? Lindsey dancing? That should be enough to get you to donate, right? How about a whole army of NaNoers bringing on their own set of shenanigans if the goal is met?

If the $100,000 goal is met, I’ll tape myself doing an interpretive dance to a to-be-determined song (suggestions are welcomed) and post it to Youtube per my non-noveling interest of interpretive dance.

If you’re unable to donate, check out the Donating When Broke page for ways you too can help out, and consider making your own silly pledge like Chris’s and Lindsey’s if the $100,000 goal (or a goal for your region, like my MLs) is met. If you already donated and can’t donate again, thanks! Your funding helps keep NaNo going.

Remember, this is all for another amazing year of madness, and $100,000 will fill up another bar on the fundometer, two if the stars are aligned correctly. Besides, don’t you want to see Lindsey do an interpretive dance?

And if that’s not enough, go listen to NaNoer year_seven’s song encouraging you to donate on the 24th.

Your own donation? Interpretive dance? Bringing sexy back? Make your pledges here, and may the madness begin.

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