Adventures in Wrimonia coming to a SWAT near you

Today I passed 100,000 words total for NaNoWriMo and learned that RoughDraft could count the total word count of all open documents, thus saving me the time of using the calculator to add the word count of the current novel to the word count of the novel I finished in two weeks.

For those who don’t know, my current novel is about an aspiring writer who’s writing a novel in a month–yes, a NaNoWriMo novelist. I’ve already posted an excerpt at my NaNoWriMo profile as a teaser and received some great reactions to it, but guess what? Soon you’ll get to read the whole thing.

At some point in December after the novel is complete, I will be posting the novel here in installments. The number of installments will be completely dependent on the length of the completed novel and how many short scenes there are, but after enough editing that I’m comfortable with someone else reading it, you’ll get to read it too.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell the person with the IP address next to yours. It’ll be crazy. It’ll be hilarious. And you’ll get to live your NaNo experience all over again.

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