Hey writers? Do you want a free shrimp dinner?

Unless you don’t like shrimp, in which you’re probably saying, “Eww, Sushi, why would I want one of those?” Fine, you can have a shrimp free dinner. But for the rest of us…

The Helpful Orgs and Sites forum of the NaNoWriMo site promises us “A map of the parts of the world where amateur novelists are loved, admired, and given free shrimp dinners.” The protest for free shrimp dinners began last year, and none showed up.

Then this year turned things around.

When Leo Fair decided to take a chance and fill out a contact form at Captain D’s, and when Lady-of-the-Lord2 offered free gift cards to be redeemable for shrimp dinners, we knew that our movement, at least from the beginning, is a success.

But it is really just beginning. That’s right, if you’re a NaNoWriMo novelist, you deserve a free shrimp dinner.
Free Shrimp Dinners: the most important part of writing a novel by avethe

Join the movement today.

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