The End (of my NaNo novels)

I hit the end of my second NaNoWriMo novel, Adventures in Wrimonia, today. It clocked in at 58,008 words, giving me 131,014 words total for the month of November.

Apparently I’m still in denial, as the file for my novel is still open. Now what, I think? I’ve gone above and beyond this month, shattering my last NaNo record of 61,000 words into bits and even written two complete novels in four weeks. Shouldn’t there be something left for me to do over the next two days? If I were really crazy I could write a third novel. After all, I did write 20,012 words on the first day, but I also had nothing else to do that day, while I do have plans for the next two days.

My November is already over. But not quite. It lives on through Wrimonia, which will be posted here beginning in early December. A date will be announced after I reread it and revise for major plot holes. Stay tuned!

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