Contest alert: Do you want a Google Wave invite?

I reviewed Google Wave a few days ago, as some of you may remember. After five days away from Wave, I logged in and discovered that I had been invited to several Waves, including a NaNoWriMo wave for my region and a Sudoku wave that may or may not eat my spare time and my computer’s memory.

Google Wave still isn’t available to everyone yet, but it’s about to be available to eight more people. Just leave a comment to any entry on this site. Make it insightful and related to the entry. Interesting comments are good. Obviously you can leave a comment on this entry, but leaving a comment on this entry alone won’t qualify you for the invite. The winners will be chosen by yours truly. An impartial judge may be involved in the event that more than eight people enter. No, I will not tell you my options for the impartial judge, though a pseudorandom number generator and throwing darts at pi may be involved.

On to the nitpicky details.

How to enter: Leave a comment to any entry on this site. This entry does not qualify, though you’re free to leave comments here too. You know how you hate when people just say “Yay!” or “Awww *hugs*” to an entry? Yeah, let’s save that for outside of this contest.

When you can enter: Now through 2 December, 2009, 3:00pm EST (-5 GMT). That’s Wednesday for those keeping track. This sounds arbitrary, but it’s my contest. I can do what I want.

When the winners are announced: On or before 3 December 2009. The winners will be listed as the name they posted their comment as.

How to claim your prize: Email me with the address you want your Google Wave invite to be sent to. The email address will be in the winner post, or you can just go to my contact page now and get it.

Disclaimer: I can change any of this whenever I want. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. It’s free to enter. Google Wave is not condoning these shenanigans. Oh, and I stole this idea from faltarego.

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