Flashing Santa alert!

Remember when I reviewed Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs awhile back? Because of that review (I suspect) I received an email from his media team. The email told me about the author’s upcoming book, complete with a book trailer. If I were a few years younger, I would have been skeptical about book trailers. Aren’t those things for movies? Ah, but people like movies. Sadly people like books less, but maybe they’ll pay attention to a book trailer and not realize it’s a book until the punchline.

At first I thought I’d just leave it be and not post it because turning this blog into a commercialized ooze gets old really quickly. Then I watched the trailer, which I was pleasantly surprised to see was only a minute long, a good thing because I have a short attention span for anything on a computer screen.

It also brightened my Monday, and as a result you get to see it too.

Watch the book trailer right here. Embeds are no fun, so have a direct link.

That’s right, Santas are flashing people in the streets of New York City, but flashing them with the new book. It’s a stroke of marketing genius. And that, along with the equally awesome cover, leads me to post about Augusten’s new book You Better Not Cry, which I would read the for similar reasons I read Running with Scissors. That one was for the title, this one would be for the cover if I hadn’t already read one of Burroughs’ works. This makes me rethink the title of every NaNoWriMo novel I’ve ever had a title for (to tell the truth, this year bumps the number to over half).

There’s stuff in it for you too, though. The publisher is also getting with the scene and is holding a contest for you dear readers. Well, not just you dear readers of this tiny blog. It’s more like the dear readers of the author, but either way, you can enter right here. The legal mumbo jumbo that will most likely affect you is that you have to be over 18 and live in the US (sorry, everyone else). And if you do win, let me know, okay? Satisfy my curiosity.

Besides, look at this flashing Santa.

Doesn’t that crack you up too?

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