Debian, continued

I’ve now used Debian for an entire day. Well, that’s a lie. See, I still haven’t gotten Debian to cooperate with sound on my computer yet, despite my efforts. I’ve used my Windows computer to stream music and use Pidgin throughout the day, for the windows won’t blink in Pidgin either. As a result I’ve been bent over my chair, looking toward my laptop at random intervals throughout the day.

That aside, Debian is going well. My current frustrations are just that: lack of sound, lack of blinking (and sound) in Pidgin, lack of Flash support in Iceweasel, and Rhythmbox importing only about half my music. Those things can be fixed with a bit more effort, though. Tomorrow is another day… assuming, of course, that I don’t get distracted by Debian’s games. There is an entire folder for logic games. I like this distro already.

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