Marriage proposals and my not-so-secret love for them

I have a confession.

Despite being nowhere near accepting a marriage proposal, I’m a sucker for unusual marriage proposals. For me it’s an insight into the human psyche: how exactly does one ask to stay together (in theory) forever? Throwing a website online and letting the proposed one find it? That’s been done. Proposal via Twitter? That has been done–several times, in fact. Proposal via LiveJournal? Done. Facebook? Unfortunately, that has been done, even through the ever-growing Mafia Wars.

But there’s something new out, something that won’t become popular until smartphones are the norm: Foursquare. It’s still new, and thanks to my lack of web data plan on my phone I haven’t had a chance to explore it yet. The gist of the site sounds silly to me: claiming places and checking in to places you’ve been. Today someone used it for a marriage proposal. Not kidding.

So what’s next? Going back to basic principles?

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