More fun with Google recommendations

I’ve discussed the wonders of autocomplete before. But have you ever considered what happens if you put in something besides a letter? Let’s experiment.

“recipe”: Suggested results include recipes (obvious), recipezaar, recipes for kids, recipes for chicken, ground beef, and pork chops, and interestingly, recipes for kids. This one’s not crazy, but it certainly stands out.

“milk”: Suggested results include milk steak, milk thistle, milkshake lyrics, and the Milk movie. I didn’t know there even was a movie. Huh. And what’s a milk steak, anyway?

“list”: Suggested results include listen to free music (not surprising at all, no way) and Youtube (okay), and lists of presidents, adjectives, prepositions, Disney movies, search engines, phobias, prime numbers, and states. Good luck with the list of prime numbers.

“how to”: Suggested results include how to tie a tie (who does know?), how to kiss (here’s a hint: ask a person and not the Internet), how to get pregnant (no, seriously, practice usually makes perfect), and how to get rid of fruit flies. If you’re really Googling how to get pregnant, wouldn’t you be asking how to untie a tie? One that didn’t quite make the cut but kept bouncing back and forth when I was noting the interesting results was how to make money. Let’s not start on that right now.

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