And 2009 comes to a close

2009 has come and is almost gone. This decade has come and gone, and despite the year and decade not even being over yet, the best of and worst of lists are already appearing in full force. Maybe it’s my ability to procrastinate or maybe it’s my nondesire to think about the future at a time when today is frightening and my life situation is approaching the point of no return. Sure, money isn’t everything, but when you can’t even cover your basic needs, Maslow’s hierarchy starts to kick in, and the desire to take care of basic needs overrides everything else. Good to know that he got something right.

So, goals for 2010? Resolutions? I’ll figure those out. First though is figuring out my life situation and how to make things better.

But that’ll come in 2010 when I can evaluate 2009 properly. You never know what could happen in the next fourteen minutes.

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