According to Rudy Giuliani, there were no ‘domestic terror attacks’ under Bush

I enjoy a good laugh at a politician just as much as everyone else, no matter what side of the fence they’re on. When someone says that there were no “domestic terror attacks” under Bush like former NYC mayor Rudy “Not even a champion speller can get his last name right” Giuliani, you have to question their memory. And this man was a presidential candidate.

Even if he was talking post-9/11, his selective memory chose to wipe out such incidents as the anthrax scare, the shoe bomb, the Oklahoma football stadium bombing, and so many incidents that Wikipedia has them documented by year starting in 1970. We really do live in a crazy world.

And just to show you that I really will make fun of anyone in politics, Obama won’t interrupt the Lost premiere with his State of the Union address. He’ll just interrupt at the climax and say, “Imma let you finish, Sawyer, but Gilligan’s Island was the best stranded island show of all time!”

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