Goodbye, Facebook homepage. Hello, RSS.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of Facebook. The news feed is clunky, the privacy features that were once very customizable are now less so, and everyone and their mother is playing games like Farmville and Mafia Wars, and their shenanigans on these games fill up precious space on my feed when I could be reading (shudder) actual updates.

Enter a certain jwz on LiveJournal. This person explains how to pull RSS feeds of notifications (no thanks, I can get those through email), notes, posted items (no thanks), and status updates (this is what I’m really after). I had figured out the notes RSS feed on my own a long time ago, but the status updates feed is hidden with no good reason. A few more clicks and an import to Google reader, followed by organizing all my feeds into folders labeled Facebook and Not Facebook, and all my friends’ status updates were ready for quick scanning. No real effort needed besides the organizing. I can even ignore the Facebook updates by marking everything as read without opening the folder.

Goodbye, Facebook homepage. Unless I want to comment on a friend’s page or update my own, I no longer have to touch Facebook unless I’m feeling masochistic, and yet I have to announce this on Facebook despite the fact that this site is imported to my Facebook notes. Karma, you are cruel.

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