Twitter could be your online identity if you’re not careful

Most of us are guilty of Googling ourselves. I know I am, mostly because both my main username and my real name are unique according to Google, so knowing what Google says about me is somewhat important. The real name is something I need to work on because according to Google I still attend church in my hometown, and well, I don’t. However, the first thing that comes up when one Googles sushimustwrite is my LiveJournal, not this website. Luckily LJ points people here, but they’re subject to my whining about my everyday life before reading something more interesting.

This happens to a lot of people with Twitter, especially with a new bit in their code. Marshall Kirkpatrick has the answer with a simple add-on to your links. I may have to start doing this before Google starts pointing people to LJ. After all, Sushi really is easier to remember than my real name.

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