Common myths about sushi debunked

I received an interesting comment a few days ago, and I can’t tell whether it’s spam or not. Whatever the nature, the request is amusing: to write more about sushi. The food, not me. This is a request I’m happy to fulfill, if only because sushi is delicious.

Let’s look at some myths about sushi and tell the truth.

Myth #1: Sushi is raw fish.
Truth: No no. Raw fish is certainly an element of sushi, but sushi isn’t raw fish. In fact, some kinds of sushi don’t even contain fish at all! Raw fish alone is sashimi, and quite honestly I need something else to go with the fish. Sushi is just a kind of rice topped with stuff. And yes, the stuff on top can include raw fish. The stuff on top doesn’t have to be fish, though. It can be anything: salmon, tuna, eel, and yes, non-meat options.

Myth #2: Vegetarians can’t eat sushi because it contains fish.
Truth: At least you didn’t imply that vegetarians can eat fish in the first place. That one’s really irksome. Not all sushi contains fish, remember? Go nuts with the eggs, tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables.

Myth #3: You’ll die from eating the raw fish.
Truth: Okay, this one has a little bit of truth in it. While it’s true that eating raw meat isn’t generally a good idea, sushi chefs are trained to prepare the meat properly so you don’t get sick. Even with that in mind, it’s not a good idea to gobble a ton of sushi. Trust me; I’ve done it and have suffered the consequences. Luckily for me that just entailed a long evening in the bathroom. Have some soup with your sushi, and you’ll be fine. It’s also not a good idea to prepare sushi at home unless you’ve been properly trained or you’re preparing a meatless version. No, watching the chef at your favorite sushi place once doesn’t count.

Enjoy your sushi! Eat responsibly, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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