Valoween Unplugged: the aftermath

I remained unplugged from the time I woke up until 11:00pm today, per the terms of my last post. What did I do, you ask? Surprisingly, I didn’t unpack at all. Instead, I wrote in my paper journal, something that has not been done to a signficant extent in quite some time. I read. I visited my grandmother in the evening. I enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate. I completed a Sudoku-like puzzle on the back of a box of Frosted Mini Wheats.

But what did I actually do?

Since I eliminated my iPod and music devices, I didn’t have any music around, and the silence drove me a little crazy. I looked at the clock a lot. Part of this was to see how much longer I had until I could use my modern devices again. Another part of me was fidgeting because so much was spinning in my brain, and now that I had the chance to write it down, I didn’t know where to start. This behavior alone showed me that writing needs to be a habit, and it’s part of why I write in here every day, even if there’s nothing of interest to write about or even if what I write about is boring and just a few words long. Writing must become a habit. Unfortunately I’ve lost that habit in my paper journal. This must be fixed.

And if you’re wondering, all the blogs were still there when I got back. I still haven’t caught up with Twitter, though. Let the fun begin.

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