NaNoEdMo: Day Six Update

Now that we’re a week into National Novel Editing Month, it’s time for a progress report.

Total hours logged: 8.5
Pages filled in idea notebook: 15
Pens sacrified to noveling: 1

I am currently an hour and twelve minutes behind, but I can easily add a few more minutes to the editing regimen every day. To be more accurate, it’s a planning and conceptualizing regimen at the moment, as I’m taking the novel apart and putting it back together in pieces that I never thought were possible.

For someone who is used to writing off the seat of her pants, this is a difficult process, but one that needs to be done. Looking at each aspect of the novel–the characters, the setting, the conflict, the story–and examining what needs to be changed, what needs to stay the same, the motivation of each character, through a magnifying glass has not been an easy process. Cutting several subplots has made this harder, especially since I have to think of new subplots to replace them. The idea here is that by doing so, the rewrite will be easier and of higher quality than my first draft was. Of course, that’s not saying much.

The things I do for my darlings.

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