Sometimes livetweeting is better than the actual show

I don’t have a TV. Okay, technically my brother took my TV years ago with my permission and gave it back; now it’s just sitting in my room, unplugged. This is perfectly fine by me, since the only thing I watch that isn’t findable online is the national spelling bee finals in the late spring. Thanks to Twitter, I don’t even need a TV for major events because the people I follow enjoy livetweeting: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the Apple iPad release (guilty as charged), and the Oscar Awards, which are airing live right now on television and on Twitter. Since snarking the coverage is much more fun than actually watching the coverage and because I don’t really care, I’ve been reading their coverage instead of watching the ceremony myself.

Don’t worry; I’ll be livetweeting the National Spelling Bee–probably all by myself. That topic probably won’t trend, though.

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