Plans for the second draft

Those extra scenes are the hardest to fill in. There are scenes that should happen, but you don’t know exactly where to put them, even with a ready-to-go timeline.

That’s where I am right now with my editing. Several scenes showing the fallout of the inciting incident should happen, but inserting those scenes in the novel and giving those scenes some sort of consequence to the rest of the story is harder than I thought.

It has to be done, though, especially since I’m hoping to start the second draft of this novel next week, due to be finished by April first and free to sit until the first of May. Yes, you read that correctly. Clearly I am insane. I will also be exhausted by May, which will give the draft a few more weeks to sit.

Besides, if I can write the first draft in two weeks with no outline, then surely I can write the second draft with a plan. This time I actually know the story, which is more than can be said the first time around.

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