Initial thoughts on rewriting

Rewriting is harder than I thought. I have an outline of my book, though it needs some scenes filled in that I couldn’t think of when outlining and planning it during the first half of this month. On the other hand, I’m no longer writing at the breakneck pace that I was during NaNo. Some will beg to differ, but compared to how quickly I was writing in November, my current pace feels really slow.

I’m still writing with only a little regard to the quality of the individual sentences, but this time the scenes do have a purpose. That’s what makes my 3000 words in two and a half hours feel like a snail’s pace. In November I could do that in as little as 45 minutes. What happened? Is the magic of November gone?

Either way, I’m well on my way to writing 50,000 words of the second draft by the end of the month, if not finishing it. This calls for more words on the weekends.

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I think your work will turn out a lot better now that you are pacing yourself. I purposely limit myself to 2 pages a day and 6 days a week because I need that time to think through the ideas that come. Writing just for the sake of writing isn’t productive, just like practicing isn’t productive unless there’s intent behind it.

What will you do with the draft once you’ve finished it?

Good luck, and I hope everything your brain produces is gravy!

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