Rewriting Revisited

Since I started rewriting my first NaNoWriMo 2009 novel last Monday, it’s time to look at progress. The goal was to finish the first draft by the end of the month. So far that looks possible. I’m at 25,000 words in the rewrite so far and just under halfway through the scenes planned. Over the next few days, I may speed up my pace, particularly in parts where there are a lot of scenes in a row that have already been written. The second half of the novel contains more of those scenes than the first half does, probably because I cut an entire storyline from the first half of the novel.

As far as NaNoEdMo hours go, I’m now less than an hour behind. I’ve been counting the cut and pasted scenes into the novel as words written partly because I can and partly because previously planned writing time got eaten by family members who don’t understand that I’m writing outside of November. Even though there are more prewritten scenes in the second half that will get edited later, there are also more major scenes that need to be written for the first time, and that’ll take up more time. I’ll also be writing a new ending and a new subplot in the second half. If those don’t get me to fifty hours and finishing, then preliminary editing shall begin. After that, I’ll start Script Frenzy and set the book aside until May.

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