April Fools’ Day jokes I wish were real

I love April Fools’ Day. It’s the one day of the year where everyone can let their hair down and not take anything too seriously while playing some great jokes at the same time. Some sites pull jokes so convincing or so cool that I wish they were real or around all year long. Here are a few of them.

Store anything in Google Docs. That’s right, anything: your car keys, your computer, even a car. Sure, you have to pay by the kilogram, but that’s a small price to pay when you’re moving or deciding whether to get rid of some stuff.

Unixkcd turned xkcd into a command line terminal, complete with a ton of easter eggs. I wish we could have year-round along with for random tomfoolery and awesomeness.

ThinkGeek’s screaming knife was one of their featured fake products this year. Imagine hearing the scream of the cow as you cut it. I’d like to hear the scream of tofu myself. This needs to exist.

My First Bacon is another fake ThinkGeek product that must exist now. At least one of these is known to exist, as it was featured in Paul and Storm’s (well, Storm’s) consumption of an entire Fudgie the Whale cake tonight. More need to come into this world. Make it so, ThinkGeek.

Google Reader Advantage gives you points for items you read in Google Reader, a reader badge based on how many items you’ve read, and the ability to trade in points for free stuff. Based on my Google Reader addiction, this is something I can get behind. I want the Totally Sweet badge.

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