Why American media is terrible

I’ve stopped watching the news on television. In part this happened because I don’t watch television if I can help it (though living with people who rely on the noise of the television to remind them why they live makes this difficult), but mostly I stopped because most of the topics that news anchors choose to report aren’t newsworthy.

Take today. Wikileaks released a video believed to be of American soldiers killing civilians in Iraq–oh, and two Reuters journalists. Let’s not forget the attack of the American consulate in Pakistan. Surely these would be the headlines of every American news source.

Not when a golf player who slept with a woman besides his wife returns to the game, apparently. Boing Boing gathered the headlines of various news sites today. Clearly Tiger Woods is more important than attacks, and he’s not even dead or that big a deal. If people ever considered the fact that what others do behind closed doors is their own business, no one would have to fight through non-news headlines to find the real news today.

Or if the news outlets decided to report actual news. That won’t happen anytime soon.

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Hell, Tiger Woods was more important than a fatality wreck on our local news. They spent three minutes discussing it and how North Highway 101 would be closed for a few hours. They spent fifteen minutes going “in depth” about Tiger Woods.
I wanted to hit the TV.

The video, my dad found out about somehow. He was watching it. The consulate, I think Fox News covered it but outside of that…

It is ridiculous.

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