Script Frenzy: Week One

Script Frenzy has been in action for nearly a week. I’ve had quite the history with the event in past years, from co-writing another feature-length script and conducting research to taking on major academic loads, all of which led me to falling behind and playing catch up to finish the script and win on the 30th. My ability to come from behind came in particularly handy last year when I wrote over half the script in the last two days.

This year, with no academia, no research, and no other plays to write, I’m determined to stay on track and not have to play catchup of more than a few pages. I start training for a temp job on the 27th, making my motivation to stay on track even more important. Catching up during the evenings of those last few vital days will not be easy. Writing the last ten to fifteen pages will be less difficult.

About the actual writing, I wish I could take showers constantly: not for the cleanliness. I’m clean enough. My scenes always fall into place when I shower. Perhaps I need some noise that imitates the noise a shower makes.

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