Script Frenzy: The Halfway Checkpoint

Script Frenzy is halfway over, and I hit page fifty of the hundred-page script today. Act One of the musical is also complete.

With a few exceptions, I’ve written the daily quota of 3.333333… pages every day, always making it up the next day when I fell behind. The musical numbers were really helpful in keeping me on track, especially the group numbers. Because of the way stage play spacing works, I definitely used my fair share of space in showing which character was singing which line. This method didn’t work quite as well for the solo numbers. Note to self for Act Two: Have more group numbers. They’re a very sneaky way to pad the page count.

The story is at a standstill at the moment. I know what will happen in the first scene of Act Two, though I have no clue what the musical number will be or if there will be one. After that I’m playing everything by ear.

Let’s do it.

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I know I’m getting desperate for plot when my script just delves into bad comedy of two people yammering back and forth, and making an overly long trip to a library to look up a the definition of a word. At any other time, I would say this was okay because I could fix it later, but since I’m supposed to be writing a thriller, none of this is usuable, as I hven’t written anything thrilling for around 20 pages.

Good luck with the musical numbers!

My script definitely has a lot of the nonsensical yammering. In fact, the scene I wrote today has a good bit of yammering. Who knows, it may come in handy later.

At least my characters are singing, though.

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