Of all the things we do to save

Everyone likes saving a little cash. Some people also like producing less trash. Some people take these ideas farther than others. Most of us are content with taking shorter showers or not letting the water run while we brush our teeth.

There are also people who take it further. They’ll wash their plastic zip-top bags so they can reuse them. I’ll reuse them if they’re still clean, but if they require washing, I’ll throw them out instead of expending the effort. Then there are the people who will let it mellow in the toilet until they go again, then flushing only once when two bathroom trips are in the toilet. My grandmother does this, so I avoid going to the bathroom at her house when I can help it.

But do the last two methods really save any money? They certainly save money, but how much? Trent of The Simple Dollar wrote about both methods. Using both of these methods will save less than ten dollars a year, with flushing less often saving more.

That’s not worth the savings to me. I’m telling my grandmother that next time her toilet stinks.

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