Script Frenzy Status: Fini

Script Frenzy 2010 Winner

Today I wrote the hundredth page of my fourth script for Script Frenzy.

This year was completely different from the first three years of Script Frenzy. The obvious changes were writing a stage play (and a musical at that). The other big change was actually staying on track for the entire month, something I’ve never accomplished for Script Frenzy before. Blame school and research. This year I had no other responsibilities except job training on the last four days, so I wrote for the rest of the month.

The musical itself is mostly terrible. The last ten pages or so are absolute tripe. Some of the parodies aren’t too bad, though. You may see a few of them over the coming days.

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@Alaska_Is_Beautiful I, ah, never posted any of those parodies. Oops. It has a very sudden ending that I’m not happy with, as the last scene was supposed to be another song that I never wrote, but I had already written my quota on the 30th and didn’t want to write any more that day. If you shoot me an email (sushimustwrite atsign, I can send it your way. It’ll be in a .pdf file.

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