Do your value your stuff? Back it up.

My desktop computer turns five this month. It was a graduation gift and a very good computer at the time. Windows XP was popular, I had no idea that Linux and the world of open source software existed at the time, and (probably the most shocking part) this computer didn’t have a floppy disk drive. Since my old computer didn’t have a USB port, I bought an external floppy disk drive to transfer all my writing and other important documents to the new computer. Those floppy disks haven’t been touched since, though they still exist, mostly for sentimental value.

I backed up my files just before installing Linux on this computer, which was a much-needed improvement over Windows that I intend to keep. Since my computer is having a birthday and I can’t find several very important files (like my entire Jonathan Coulton collection, which is very important, but at least it’s backed up), it’s time to back up again.

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