Unusual wedding venues

Most people wouldn’t guess it from interacting with me, but deep down I’m a romantic sap. I’ve already talked about unusual wedding proposals, so let’s talk weddings today. A few months ago, EW posted about a couple that got married in an Apple store, and today I read about a couple that got married in a Taco Bell. Unfortunately the story’s now locked in subscriber mode, but trust me. I know someone got married in McDonalds once, but Taco Bell? What’s next? Let’s speculate.

1. A wedding at the border of two countries. This would be especially poignant if the partners were originally from those two countries.

2. An elevator wedding. The wedding must be finished before reaching the destination. Some jerk will hit all the buttons, though.

3. An Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe wedding. The views are quite nice, though I like the latter better.

4. Wedding: The Musical! Someone has to do this.

I’d also include crazy places like underwater or in an airplane, but apparently those have already happened. Who would have thought?

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