Spam as writing prompts, part two

A few days ago I mentioned using spam as writing prompts. I haven’t written anything concerning the spam in that post, but another spam comment showed up in my queue today that was too good not to share. I’ve preserved all the incorrect grammar that is characteristic of spam.

We all know that space is vast and undiscovered. We know of the andromeda galaxy and all of the planets in our own solar system. We do know that all of the planets revolve around the sun but since space is 3d is there a possibility to go in more than just one direction? If you had a space ship which direction would you go? Up, down, past the sun instead of just away from it (lets say your ship is invulnerable) or past pluto toward andromeda? What do you think you will find?

The comment even sounds like a writing prompt, or at least a thought experiment for a science class. It’s coherent yet slightly incoherent at the same time, as if someone threw that paragraph into an online translator a few times.

My ship is definitely invulnerable, even if it would pollute space by floating out there forever.

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