Planning for the Facebook exodus

I’m pondering deleting my Facebook account. That’s a lie. I’m definitely deleting my Facebook account. Before coming to a decision, I started blocking applications from what felt like a never-ending list of ignored application invitations so they couldn’t harvest any information from me, but after realizing that I could never block every single application except the one I have installed to track my NaNoWriMo word count, deleting seemed easier.

There are a few things I have to do first. The first is to grab all the photos of me (and perhaps of friends) for my own safekeeping. The second is to tell everyone, or at least the people I care about. The phith is to make a post here explaining the deletion and link them to it, perhaps making a Facebook note because that’s what most people will read.

Of course, I could take the easy way out and do the rumored wipe from existence delete–upload a profile picture of human genitalia. But people I know on a professional basis are in my Facebook network, and I can’t shock them that much.

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Yeah, I really want to leave Facebook, too. But I have clients now, that use it to contact me for work and we have a group and all that. So I kinda CAN’T delete my Facebook… though I could, I suppose, make a new ‘fake’ account for that purpose…

sigh. I wish the Early Childhood sector in this area were on Twitter! lol

Good luck with the deletion

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