Any ideas for an address book manager?

Of all the things I dislike about Facebook, the site does make contacting friends easy, assuming they have an account. (Hint: They probably do.) So in my quest to delete my Facebook account I’ve been looking for a good contact management system. That’s right. I still don’t have a proper address book, and the deletion of my Facebook account may as well teach me how to do that. Here are some things I’ve been keeping in mind during my search.

* Yes, I still have a dumbphone.
* A lot of my contacts will be twenty-something women. Some of them will marry one day, and a subset of those will change their last name.
* I like alphabetical order.
* I also like paper and pen.
* I want to be able to use this thing on the go.

All the popular methods I’ve read about are geared toward storing email and toward online storage. I may not have Internet access when I need an address or phone number. On the other hand, I don’t want to rely on my phone to store phone numbers forever because of the inevitability of getting a new phone. And no, I don’t want everyone’s email in my main mail contact list because chances are I’ll never email them.

Any ideas?

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