Unusual and interesting words

I love words. When I was a kid, my classmates had a sneaking suspicion that I read the dictionary for fun. This was false because I never read the dictionary all the way through; I did read a few pages at a time for fun and Wikipedia-hop dictionaries and encyclopedias long before Wikipedia existed.

Today thanks to Boing Boing I stumbled across a compilation of word lists. Some of them were already familiar: the spoonerisms, the portmanteaus, the palindromes, the Tom Swifties, and anagrams, among others. The list of unusual words attracted my attention. I can now say, for example, that my scacchic experiences have never ended well and that my next door neighbor (and everyone on my street, for that matter) is a quidnunc. Telling them that would lead to more explanations than I’m willing to take on.

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