Go ahead and refresh while looking for plane tickets.

Have you ever tried to book tickets online, only to discover that the prices went way up in the short time between choosing your flight and entering your credit card number? That happens more often that you may think. In fact, plane tickets between Atlanta and Las Vegas changed prices 2,472,916 times between January first and May thirteenth. Yes, you read that correctly. Travel writer Chris Elliot made a list of the top ten price changes, and number ten (Boston to Chicago, if you’re wondering) comes in at a mere 1,490,271 price changes. That’s enough to make you take a train instead…assuming one exists.

At that point you may as well resign yourself to accepting the price changes, or at least moving to Missoula, MT, where the price on flights to Kona, HI was stable. Just one price change. That’s a small price to pay for living in a state whose name has been tainted by a teen superstar, right?

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