What’s the most important invention?

A lot of inventions have changed the world for the better. The wheel gave us many modes of transportation, including the car and the bicycle. The light bulb gave me the light I’m using to write this entry by. The Internet gave us the ability to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. I’d have a hard time thinking of the most important invention.

A bunch of folks in Britain had to think of one, though. Overall the people surveyed ranked the wheel as number one. What does the headline read?

Britons vote for the iPhone as most important invention ahead of flushing loo and space travel

No, they didn’t, copywriters. I know that’s an attention-getter, and the iPhone was at number eight, two spots behind the good old-fashioned telephone. The iPhone was not the most important invention, even in the survey results. Stop treating it as such, or I’ll figure out a way to take away toilet paper. Find an app for that.

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