Suicide Linux, the only way to play Linux

I may be a fast typist, but that doesn’t make me immune to typos. I’ve probably made more typos as my typing speed increased, probably because my fingers don’t know where to go next when I’m in the zone. If one keystroke could erase everything I’ve amassed over the years, I’d be in big trouble. It’s even better that I can always check my keystrokes and backspace before hitting enter in the command line, and that I’m using Debian and not, oh say, Suicide Linux. Try to execute an incorrect command and Suicide Linux will perform the “rm -rf /” command instead, which wipes your hard drive.

Sounds fun, eh? Luckily the person who thought of the idea didn’t develop a distro, but someone out there did. Linux is now a game. A dangerous game with all your data at stake if you make one wrong keystroke. That sounds like a fun game, right?

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