What’s that name again?

You know that character? Yeah, the one you always describe as “that guy” or “the guy with the money bags” or by some nickname that everyone knows them as? Just about every show has one of those, no matter how major the character. Even outside of media, we refer to that patient in Operation with no clue that the poor guy with a clown nose has a name. Who knew being in the circus was so bad for your health?

It turns out that the Operation patient does have a name. It’s Cavity Sam. It also turns out that a lot of those other unnamed characters also have names. Apparently Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons has a name too. Who knew? My life has changed forever. Now if only we could figure out Arnold’s name from Hey Arnold. I’ve heard that it’s Shortman, but I’m not sure whether to believe it. Arnold Shortman? Really? There appears to be a smudge over that name.

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