A ring of bubbles

You’ve blown bubbles before, right? I do it all the time. You know how it goes: you blow bubbles, and then many things can happen.

1. You try to blow as many bubbles as possible in one bubble session.
2. You try to blow one big bubble.
3. You try to catch as many bubbles as possible on your bubble wand, preferably in a funny shape.
4. You pop the bubbles as soon as you blow them.

If you choose the fourth option, congratulations. There’s a science behind that. Chances are you just pop the bubble and move on. What you’re not seeing is the ring of bubbles that forms after you pop the bubble. This creates a lot of tiny bubbles.

This doesn’t affect your normal bubble-blowing activities. The bubbles do affect your everyday life, though. Think about bubbles that can form in glass and get trapped there. This is actually very important. And while very little surprises me when it comes to science, what impresses me is that people get to spend their careers studying the things we play with when we get bored. How cool is that?

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