Tweet it. He’ll do it.

Imagine giving up your free will. Beginning June 21st, David on Demand will be giving his free will to the Internet for a whole week. Not just to the Internet as a whole–to the Twitter community. If you request something by telling @davidondemand, he’ll do it–as long as it’s legal. He should really add a few more clauses to that to prevent starvation and sleep deprivation.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Twitter community reacts to David. Will they tweet food to him on a regular basis? How about sleep? What about hygiene? What about basic bodily needs? What will David do about two contradicting commands that come in at the same time? Will there be a couple of people making sure he gets those basic needs, or will it be up to a few altruistic followers to do that?

And what if someone tells him to stop taking commands? What happens then? Given the conditions of the stunt, part of me wants to find out for kicks. Another part of me doesn’t want to disturb that part of the universe.

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