Wikipedia’s lamest edit wars

I must have train wreck syndrome since I enjoy reading Internet arguments. Even worse, I enjoy reading arguments over the silliest things. Topics like religion and politics are too easy; put two people with strong opinions in the same room and watch everything go to hell. The trivial topics are the best; they make you wonder who on earth would care in the first place. Things like edit wars on Wikipedia.

Edit wars are nothing new, but Wikipedians will get into edit wars over everything. That page features some of the lamest ones, from punctuation to city names to ancestry. How should “yogurt” be spelled? How about aluminum? What about the city formerly known as Danzig? You can’t use exclamation marks; it’s not encyclopedic! Can we call this animal cute? Is that violating the neutral point of view policy? How can you include a picture of the invisible pink unicorn?

Lesson: People will argue about anything. And I do mean anything.

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