On archives and Wikiwrimo

Wikiwrimo is an interesting beast. There are so many articles to be researched and written. While the research is fun, it’s frustrating because the site archives from NaNo 2002, 2004, 2008, and all previous Script Frenzy events are nearly nonexistent. I can access the main forum page for NaNo 2002 (and possibly for Script Frenzy 2007, though I haven’t tried yet), but the Wayback Machine didn’t archive any specific threads. Part of this is the Wayback Machine’s problem; the site hasn’t archived anything online since 2008, which will make documenting Script Frenzy culture very difficult for awhile. It’ll also make documenting the specified NaNo years difficult because of the lack of a site archive on the NaNo site, along with my pressing need to document everything from NaNo 2009 as soon as possible before the famous site wipe.

We’re really lucky that NaNoWriMo provides a site archive at all. After all, this is the first year (to the best of my knowledge) that the site archive has been live to any Wrimo to access. The 2004 version will probably never be live, and 2002 and 2008 keep saying “Coming Soon”. Let’s hope 2009 doesn’t land in the constant “Coming Soon” phase when NaNo 2010 comes. In order to counteract this, we should be proactive now and archive while the site is still alive.

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