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No, really, feel free to link to this site. I don’t have an army of lawyers that’ll come after you if you do (or don’t!), and even if I did, they’d have a hard time going after Google for linking to my site in search results.

I don’t say that to beg. You may not believe this, but there are people who really don’t like when you link to their site. Corporations, in fact. Even better, corporations whose business can only improve by the sharing of links. This is 2010, the era of sharing. They don’t get it, do they?

Neither do a lot of normal users. I still encounter this around the Web, but this behavior is most noted in fan communities. People will ask in the comments if it’s okay to link to an entry that anyone on the Web can access. The original poster will reply politely that yes, it’s okay, but never once have I seen someone say, “The Internet is meant for sharing. Why are you slowing down that process by asking permission?” The commenter would probably reply with something like, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay with your work being exposed.” If I were the original poster, I’d say, “It’s already exposed to the entire Internet. Anyone can find it. Have fun.”

This is already public to the Internet at large. Have fun.

One reply on “Feel free to link to this site”

Now that you mention it, you weren’t linked in my blogs I read section. Whoops. Um…I was waiting for permission. Yes. I am incredibly polite, you see.

I should start dming people before replying or retweeting on Twitter. (Although the hard part is getting permission to follow them in the first place.)

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